El Diablo and Angel Cabrera

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #15610

    I am very proud of Angel for his win at the Master’s today and will comment on my status of being the devil’s advocate. My role is not popular since addressing things that we would rather not hear, is often difficult and can cause emotions to get the best of us. Currently the purpose of this blog is to ask the tough questions that demand a verdict, and guide discussion. Unfortunately we are wit

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    JeremyRichmond on #81386

    Congratulations are in order to Angel Cabrera but commiserations must go to the two other competitors who all provided some great entertainment. I’m garnering that these athletes do not subscribe to a particular system from any particular country but likely practice methods derived from various experts of whom I’m sure they don’t care about the nationality of.

    I do believe that certain viewpoints by certain forum members have been held steadfastly regardless of points and counterpoints but I see nothing wrong with anyone believing in a system from any country expecially in light of the fact that they are not from that country. I see nothing wrong from people questioning the methods of any national body even their own. In fact, questioning is a necessary part for progress. It would be far more dangerous not to question ones’ own country given that ones’ own taxes are invested in ones’ own national programs.

    I for one have based most of my learnings from the Finns and and now looking to learn the methods of John Smith and Charlie Francis. Little apart from Borzov’s training has interested me from the Russians although I would like to know more about their jump, middle distance, and pole vault programs (with regard to females – curiously). One day soon I will take my fishing rod and head to Jamaica as well. In time different groups will dominate in sport and it is largely due to ideas in coaching (not discounting funding entirely).

    The Thinker did nothing wrong in propoganding for the Russian methods (he’s not Russian I presume), his downfall was entirely in the lack of well directed argument and skirting the issues. Yes The Thinker was heavily promoting his ideas but this is quite acceptable given the excitement of a forum (Elitetrack) with a plethora of different expertise. I was also concerned about a small following being created given the lack of substance in his arguments but I think the headline display of your discontent (in the other blog) was overdone.

    Rather than argue about arguing, the original headline of this blog was about El Diablo- Angel Cabrera (actually El Diablo in golf is Sergio Garcia): did anyone notice that he and his predecessor countryman Eduardo Romero both have a loose right leg that follows around after impact with the ball? As someone who prides in seeing things that sometimes don’t exist, this biomechanical trait might explain why both the aforementioned hit the ball prodigious distances. When I’ve tried the same it also works for me as I too hit the ball further… to the left. What works for some does not necessarily work for others.

    Let’s keep arguing but let’s progress at the same time.

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