Early Specialization Rant- Part 2

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    coachformerlyknownas on #14476

    You heard it here first:Perhpas the earliest example of “specialization” I’ve seen (and practiced) that has the most noble of intentions / purpose, but stands to detract from future athletic potential is………….having newborns & infants sleep on their backs. NO I am not suggesting parents do otherwise, but its been shown that because of this, a large number of kids are skipping the cr

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    karl on #69106

    Thank God i plan on being a physiotherapist!!! (the song – I’m in the money – comes to mind)

    But seriously, i can see were your coming from it’s the same in the UK. At my local athletics track there is a group for kids age 8-11 years but it’s common to see parents bringing children aged 6 years or younger to train. I’m not saying the training group for the children is bad, it’s actually quite good and well rounded, but there parents don’t want them in this group, Nope, they want them in the more specialised training groups for the older athlete’s. My club won’t allow this but i can see how a club without a children’s group would and I’ve also heard it’s quite common in team games like football(soccer). This could be my naivety(I’m 17), but lets just hope your predictions are wrong and this phase of pushy parents doesn’t last.

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #69127

    Lil MIke and my guy will be (2) Will Smiths living in a world of pale skined toe walkers, so unathletic they only come out at night. Comments?

    DAMN right. We should start wedding planning (and baby showers!) so we can help to save American athletics.

    ELITETRACK Founder

    coachformerlyknownas on #69141

    You’re just a chef looking for some “altitude” to add to your genetic soup!
    I guess in return, some FT fiber would help prop up my family tree! And after her 9 mo. ride she can’t be allergic to metal (the weight room)

    What’s your need for saliva expression? We (father & son) demonstrate that in spades!

    Daniel Andrews on #69234

    My son is 6 months old, well almost 7 now, up until now his motor skills have generally trended to be about month earlier than on average, but crawling and scooting are at the same stage they were 2 months ago almost non existent. Sitting up requires more support now than it did when he was 4-5 months old. I won’t be concerned until around nine months when he should be able to do some bipedal support on his own.

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