Droid Does HRV- Monitoring Speed and Power

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17981

    We are seeing a decrease of pain and illness with those using Zeo and ithlete, and it’s official the ithlete is available on Andrioid Phones. I expect a bunch of new users combining the most pragmatic scoring method of sleep data and waking HRV now that both can get done with very little time. Congrats to Josh Hurlebaus for his outstanding training log and should get his new system shortly. Many

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    mortac8 on #112548

    I have used the Zeo mobile system for a little over a week. I just want to say that it works as advertised. The Smartwake feature is nice because then you really do wake up feeling less tired. The data acquisition seems to be reliable also.

    Keep in mind, I am the biggest critic when it comes to technology like this but the Zeo system is good…until it gives me cancer from shooting bluetooth into my brain all night 🙂

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