Doping – Ignore it and it will go away

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      • Vern Gambetta
        Vern Gambetta on #14606

        These two statements from two of the track & Field governing bodies regarding the information implicating other athletes that came out of testimony at the Trevor Graham trial.Lamine Diack, president of track’s international governing body, in a conference call with reporters Thursday, noted the eight-year statute of limitations on doping offenses.Jill Geer, spokeswoman for USA Track & Field

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        Daniel Andrews on #70080

        For sure a banned athlete for doping offenses should never serve on a usatf or iaaf committee or board. No coach involved in a doping conspiracy should serve either. That part I can agree with. However, I believe the USATF and IAAF need to embrace turncoats and whistleblowers on doping that way they can truly find ways to identify the biological markers that the dopers are watching along with longitudinal testing. As for the statue of limitations, if they didn’t have it, they would never be able to embrace former dopers. It’s takes a doper to catch a doper these days and both these institutions need to do whatever they can.

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