Diet of Sprinters

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    comando-joe on #114294

    This new guy might just be JC being more of a troll.

    COV-GOD on #114295

    Haha that’s just funny shit lol

    Craig has been an international level athlete for years, and if you looked at his posts, nutrition is something he has focused on learning throughout that time!

    In the uk, we have some of the WORLDS leading nutritionalists advising us lol

    There is a great PDF for uk athletes that pretty much matches the example exactly lol I will try attach it sometime lol

    Funny, love keyboard warriors

    Irish, you made some good changes. I recently went to lactose free milk! Feeling freaking great lol best change I made for sure 🙂

    Participant on #114301


    Josh Hurlebaus on #114302

    I’m not really convinced that eating late at night contributes to an increase of body fat. I destroy myself every day working out and gH levels are highest at night, followed by testosterone being highest in mid morning. I’d rather have a fully fueled body for the times of peak protein synthesis than not. Check out the lean gains guys, they eat only in a small window during the day,but eat massively during it and its right before bed.

    Also I drink two to three cups of coffee per day. Its positive effect on blood sugar, antioxidants, etc, far outstrip the negatives from caffeine

    Josh Hurlebaus on #114304

    Also, although not really scientific and not necessarily correlative , I’ve noticed that if I eat a protein rich meal within 45 min of bed I get more deep sleep according to the zeo than if I don’t.

    Zack Trapp on #114308

    Since I have to go to school, I can’t eat 5-6 meals a day. I’ve been reading up on diet, and how does this look?
    Breakfast:Cereal W/Blueberres
    Lunch:Pasta w/Fruit W/Cereal
    Snack:Dry Raisin Brand
    Post Workout:Whey Protien Shake
    Dinner:It depends, usaully chicken w/vegitables and milk

    Josh Hurlebaus on #114310

    I would get more protein early on

    Derrick Brito on #114312

    [quote author="Derrick Brito" date="1327376897"][quote author="TypeIIpersona" date="1327374755"][quote author="Josh Hurlebaus" date="1327374351"]Yup, clearly Craig doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    Quit being a pro athlete, Craig! You don’t know crap!

    Seriously though, would changing my diet help me? Probably. But I don’t have enough time to fuss about my diet. Craig does have the time to make sure his diet is perfect, so he does. I would too if I could.

    Many pro athletes do dumb shit and Craig doesn’t know nutrition. I wish there was way for me to prove to you my crenditials, but for all you know, I could be some smuck making up stuff on the net pretending to be someone else, but I won’t go there.[/quote]

    You don’t need to prove anything. Simply stating background info would be fine. It’s not hard to find just about everyone on this forum, but you don’t use your real name. And let’s be honest. Someone that doesn’t yet know what rest periods to use for flying 20s and thinks speed endurance is useless doesn’t strike me as someone I would take advice about training from.[/quote]

    Asking a question doesn’t mean I’m less qualified to give advice, I only wanted to know how others felt on this subject and I don’t have to use my name and I don’t care what you think. You strike me as another dime a dozen track coach that still believes in dated methods and fails to evolve. I don’t care if ever body and their mommas disagree with me. I’m here to discuss my beliefs on training and I’m willing to challenge every last one of you on this site.[/quote]

    Then what are your qualifications? Like I said, you don’t need to prove anything, we aren’t trying to make you out to be a liar. It’s clear that you have some knowledge, but your posts also reflect a lack of knowledge/experience training track athletes. There are situations where I agree with your opinions, but others where I don’t. Context is everything, in both training and giving advice on the internet.

    burkhalter on #114313

    As Craig noted, many feel better on low carb, largely veg protein a little diets. I seem to tolerate carbs well, however I can tell an energy increase when they are low.

    It’s all in moderation my friends, alcohol, most everything.

    Craig Pickering on #114315

    Was the 6 egg omlette a typo Craig? I am in Josh’s camp in regards to eat when ever hungry, especially during winter.

    No typo!

    Anthony Wallace on #114318

    im with Brooke on this one, I have several friends who are training for 2012 in London and moderation is the key for them. One has hit the standard for the TJ and he is big on diet, but he also is not a super strick also on drinking. I think if you dont have moderation you let it consume you and you are not able to compete to the best of your ability. Thats me, but I say a relaxed focused athlete will fair better than a stressedout OCD one.

    Irish100m on #114320

    [quote author="Irish100m" date="1327377304"]Don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat [color=red][b]chocolate[/b][/color] – they are possibly the two worst substances you can consume.

    Antioxidant Strength: More Potent than Blueberries.


    yes but then factor in all the other shit in chocolate

    Irish100m on #114321

    Just remember who McD’s best known customers were at the Beijing Olympics.

    he ate a few nuggets there because he didnt trust the chinese food

    it’s not as if he ate nuggets all year round

    also this is Bolt we’re talking about, a complete freak who would probably win races wearing converse

    Owen on #114322

    I am more inclined to agree with Craig on this one.

    I am naturally lean and could quite easily eat what I want, when I want. However, I think there is a lot more going on that just what the scales are saying when it comes to nutrition.

    I work a full time job and train in the evening, the principles I follow:

    CHO% is dependent on the intensity of that days training. For example a General strength day I will consume less % of CHO and slightly up the fat %.

    Consume the majority / if not all of my CHO after training. (google Carb backloading) Also consume the majority of my calories around training times.

    Regardless of what day it is try to consume 3+ portions of leafy greens ( spinach, kale and brocolli are my favourties)

    A sample GS day for me would be:

    8am 3 Egg Omlette
    11am – Protein + nuts
    1pm – Chicken / Tuna Salad
    3pm – Protein + Nuts
    Post WO/ Recovery smoothie
    Dinner – Pro + Grain / Root veg + fibrous veg

    The difference on a speed / speed endurance day is that I would probably have Porridge w/protein for breakfast and I would also consume simple CHO before and during training. I also tend to eat basically whatever I want post training if it was a big session. Sometimes I do beleive its just about calories and heck a Pizza is a good way of delivering calories!

    Every 1-2 weeks I will have a cheat day, with my idea behind that to make sure my metabolism does not crawl to a stop.

    comando-joe on #114324

    It looks like i eat more than you guys, and this seems like me on a restricted diet because im always hungry –

    8am – porridge, 50g whey + vitamins
    12pm – cheese and ham sandwhich
    2pm – yoghurt + 50g whey
    4pm – snack like 2 piece fruit
    7pm – 50g whey
    8pm – Dinner, anything goes really and normally quite a large meal + vitamins
    11pm – 50g whey + some cottage cheese.

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