Dealing with DOMS Part 1

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17228

    Delayed onset muscle soreness will happen, but how much is highly dependent on the program design. While post-workout drinks and cutting edge therapies are great topics for discussion, the root of the problem lies with training theory. Charlie Francis often talked about transitional stiffness or acute stiffness from abrupt changes in programs or unfamiliar exercises. Often a block or phase will be

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    Matt Morsia on #104165

    I’ve always found that by introducing a new exercise or phase of training gradually/incrementally you minimise the extent of any doms. Obviously you can’t be so gradual that you waste time or eliminate the desired adaptations but by maybe spending the first week of a new phase building the new exercises/intensities up gradually you eliminate the risk of any major doms whilst still achieving the desired benefits.

    Rich Tolman(mr-glove) on #104188

    This would be a great subject for a mediacast, especially the blending of training to ensure smooth transitions.

    Do you feel it’s mainly strength, in terms of biomotor abilities, that can cause the most transitional stiffness?

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