Cool down routines for sprinters

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    underdog_19 on #18130

    Over the years I’ve become pretty comfortable in designing warm up routines for my sprint groups. What I struggle with though are cool downs. Do you guys have any suggestions for routines and what you think a cool down should entail?

    Eric Broadbent on #114151

    If it is a high intensity day you could throw in some jogs, then skips and finish with light stretching. If it’s low intensity day maybe similar to above only slightly more emphasis on stretching. My old coach never wanted us to do much static stretching after fast days because he didn’t want mix messages to be sent to our nervous system which makes sense in my head. When I was coaching at my old school, I would actually have my athletes do walking stretches as part of the cooldown for a high intensity day. I think doing more static stretching after a meet would be appropriate since it is a much harder workout essentially. We also do barefoot skips/jogs and a barefoot walks routine for a cooldown which I really enjoy doing. Its all different variations of walking on toes and heels to hit all the little muscles in your foot. Sometimes I think coaches throw a cooldown in just to have one when it is not really necessary. For instance if I do a big tempo day then finish with two or 3 light body weight circuits I feel pretty “cooled down” at that point and don’t feel like my body needs much other than some stretches. Hope that helps.

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