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    fleekoo on #8288

    Okay, my last post got lost with all the others, so I will put it back… I need some help with my track kids and how to coach them. I am in charge of the Middle School track team. I just would like to have some tips and stuff for my little kids. Just anything will help, thanks.

    tank on #19209

    did i ever tell you? pushups work wonders. little kids need a lot of motivation to stop whining and talking back. they hate pushups. and get your kids into an ab routine. fleekoo, if you watch race tapes, the first bodypart that gives out and starts the bad technique chain reaction is the abdominal (core) musculature. strengthen the abs, get better results. and don’t let the kids walk all over you. rule with an iron fist, wrapped in a velvet glove. they need to know you’ll be there for them, but they also need structure and discipline. and little kids will pick up on ALL your bad habits, so no swearing, hitting, eating potato chips before and during practice, because they’ll copy you


    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #19210

    I agree with what Tank said, especially the pushups. I think body weight exercises will go a long way in developing that age group of athletes. So few kids that age have any kind of fitness level at all and general strength exercises will help to remedy that problem.

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