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        J Kilgore on #231710

        Hello everyone! I’m not sure if anyone will see this, but figured I’d give it a shot. We’re hosting a coaches clinic here at WCU next weekend. Super Coach Boo Schexnayder and Dr. Ken Clark will be headlining it, as well as presentations from Williams College Head Coach Nate Hoey, ESU’s Justin Germani and myself. Topics include:
        Boo Schexnayder: Speed Development for all Events, The Long Jump – Technique and Teaching, The Triple Jump – Technique and Teaching and Planning Technical Training for the Jumps.
        Ken Clark: Acceleration Development, Maximum Velocity and Differences in Elite vs Development sprinters.
        Nate Hoey: Building a TEAM ONE CONNECTION at a time
        Justin Germani: The Pole Vault
        Myself: Factors for Success in the 100/110m Hurdles.

        The flyer is attached!

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