Central Pattern Generators- The Body is Smarter than we Think Part 2

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17828

    I decided to upload a folder of great research so readers could get some interesting developments in motor education. I believe that we coach too much and not challenge enough. What I mean is that interactions should be talk oriented to get people to do things, not tell them what to do all the time. With actions begin so rapid and reflexive, too much cuing wastes time and and can actually harm pro

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    oshikake@ymail.com on #110621

    I’m thinking about starting swimming to aid in spinal decompression/gain greater shoulder ROM. Like the idea of using the spine like a whip. Man, I’m gonna be doing the full works trying to achieve my goals.

    Do any of the coaches on here have there athletes swimming for running performance?. I think there could be a good crossover? or disagree?.

    Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #110624

    I read the spinal engine and think that’s why bolt runs so fast.

    Jokes aside pool work is nice but it has no transfer mechanically but the therapy benefits are nice.

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