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        ELITETRACKdotCOM on #12521

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        saltojump5 on #60652

        meatheads dumbfounded at their inability to roll back the latest meteor shower of elasticity training theory.

      • Nick Newman
        Nick Newman on #60653

        " Hey bro, im not sure, but if we both push it in the same direction, maybe we could move it "

      • Mike Young
        Mike Young on #60654

        The two biggest meatheads at the gym misunderstand the concepts behind band training.

        ELITETRACK Founder

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        Josh Hurlebaus on #60655

        After two unsuccessful hours, the crew finally gave up on rescuing Steve from the mess of rubber bands.

        "He was attempting a 700lb squat using only elastic bands when they caved in on him. Poor guy never stood a chance" stated the first EMT to respond to the scene.

        In the spirit of the newly formed "bouncy ball", the mass will be dropped off the Grand Canyon in an attempt at the world record for bouncing.

        "He would like it that even though he has left us his body is still competing for records."

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