building speed at age 37

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        griff on #13391

        I am 37 and returned to track after 10 years out. Still have some good basic speed. Ran 11.51 for 100 with just 3 months training in the summer season. Now want to improve and train specific. need to build strenght again and focus on this in the off season. Aim is to run 60s in Feb and some 200 indoor. Any suggestions on a programme for next few months would be appreciated.

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        Chad Williams on #66772

        I think you will get more feedback if you post more information. . . .
        Where are you with your training right now? What is your basic week like? What kind of facilities do you have access to? Also, I would recommend starting a journal . . . people can post comments about daily workouts. 

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        griff on #66773

        My basic week is as follows for Oct. Age 37, Wt 182 lbs, HT 6 ft 1 ins.
        Monday-Weight Session  Heavy 4 x 8 reps (Bench 80kg.,  1/2 Squat 100kg,Power Cleans 60kg,Seated Rows 55kg, Deadlift 120kg) Abs & sprint Drills.
        Tuesday- Circuit Training in Gym,light wts all major muscle groups, Abs, Plometrics (vertical & horizontal jumps),
        Wed- Rest.
        Thursday- Weight Session Heavy (as Monday)
        Friday- Track Session- Technique Drills, 3 x 120 60% , Ab work.
        Sat- Rest.
        Sunday- Track Session- Tec Drills, 5x 60, 6 Mins recovery. Ab work.

        Am I on right course???

      • Mike Young
        Mike Young on #66774

        I'd suggest a little more track work if you can tolerate it and move the plyos to either Monday or Thursday.

        ELITETRACK Founder

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        griff on #66775

        Thanks Mike,
        Feeling some tightmess in my back from the heavy weight sessions, but determined to plough on. Will move the plyo sessions. Will introduce more track work. Probably speed work in the form of flying 30s & some sprint , float, sprints.

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        mortac8 on #66776

        I might reconsider having squat, power clean, and deadlift in the same session.  No wonder your back is sore.

      • Mike Young
        Mike Young on #66777

        Yeah I agree with Mort. I rarely use 2 pulling movements in the same session because there's so much emphasis on the back…especially on the deadlifts.

        ELITETRACK Founder

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        griff on #66778

        Have dropped deadlift completely. Too much for my 37 yr old SI joints.  The last week went as follows.
        Sunday-Drills /warm up, 6×30 acc,3×8 bench 65kg,3×8 powers cl 55kg, 2×20 step ups with 10kg.
        Monday-Did tests for standing Ljump-2.40 meter/ vertical leap 50 cm. (dont know if this is crap)
        Wed-Drills/warmup Flying 30s x 5, 3×8 bench 70kg, 3x 8 power cl 55kg, Plyo's
        Thursday-Drills/warmup, sprint float sprint x5 (30/30/30), med ball trows 3 types 90 throws total.
        Friday-Heavy lifting day 3 sets x8, Bench 80kg /squat 110 kg/Pc 70kg. (failing in last sets)

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        rrheyn on #66779

        same has a 56 years old boy will do ;-).
        to run a 60m i would do very short sprints near max. velosity,
        stadium steps just a few fast,
        and ins and outs 10 x 40m fast, 20" jog, i do them on gras, great thing. Powerroom : Sq's from 80% to 200% bodyweight
        plyo's just a few (5 -6), see Prof.Verkoshansky.
        In the past i did it too, but too often, too long,…

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        griff on #66780

        have stuck to the Training sessions I outlined on Oct 18th .I Have introduced 1 extra track session running 6 x 150 to start building some endurance. The weeks are now as follows.
        Mon- Heavy weight session, bench, squat, power clean, abs, follwed by plyos.
        Tuesday- Acc dev- 8×30 flat out 3 min recovery.
        Wed- Endurance- 6 x 150 90% 4 min recovery. Follwed by Med ball throws.
        Thursday- Acc Dev, Flying 30s x 6, followed by heavy weight session, Squat, Bench, Power Clean.
        Friday-Sprint , Float, Sprint, each zone 30 m (5 runs)
        Sat- Rest.
        Sun- Endurance-2x 200 90% 8 min recovery.  Vertcal leap increased to 71cm, 50m electric 6.59

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        cinman on #66781

        Correct me Mike if im wrong. Should he be working speed endurance at 90% this early in the season, or should he be doing more volome, less intensity (intensive tempo work). I'm concerned about over-training or doing too much too early.

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        griff on #66782

        Have cut back again on the endurance work, now using all track time for acc dev & max vel. Continuing with gym work also. Power clean up to 80KG, bench up to 95 Kg, squat up to 135 kg.
        Had some electronic tests yesterday.
        vertical leap now 78 cm ( was only 50 cm in oct)
        20 meter  sprint 3 point start Electric time 3.11
        60 meters from blocks Electric 7.42 ( dissappointed with this)

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        griff on #71355

        I’m Back.

        Season now finished. Total results as follows electronic times.
        60 M- 7.50
        200 M – 24.46
        Long Jump- 6.20 meters.
        High Jump ( just for Fun) – 1.65 M

        100 m – 11.65
        200 m – 23.87

        Lessons learned- too many races in the months of June- August. In one week had 5 races, 2 of which over 200 M. I was looking for races with electronic timing. The end result was that performances went backwards as i found it hard to recover and in turn training was sacrificed for races.
        Core strenght not good enough and had back muscle problems and hamstring problems through July and August, this held me back and times suffered.
        So for next season I will be concentrating on core work from Sept along with simple conditioning work. Will step up to heavy weights and extensive endurance work from Mid Oct.
        The aim is to be ready for indoors in March 2009.
        Any suggestions appreciated.

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        griff on #72798

        Training re started this week after a 2 month break to recovery. Now 38 but determined to improve.
        Concentrating on general conditioning and core work. Aim for thie period is 6 weeks of 4 sessions per week.
        2 gym sessions and 2 running sessions on grass.
        This week went as follows.
        Monday- Circuits in Gym (good mix of all muscle groups 8 different excerices light weights x 15 reps x 3 circuits), Core work, assisted stretching.
        Wed- Same again ( varied some excerises)
        Friday- 4 x Tempo runs on grass @ 50% each for 1 minute. Assisted stretching.
        Sunday will do Tempo runs again on beach with short some steep incline sprints on sand dunes.

        Trying to stay away from track and heavy lifting for 6 weeks until my conditioning improves.

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        griff on #74231

        Now in second phase of programme. weeks are like this.
        4 days training each week.
        Day 1- tempo running, 30 sec at 70%. x 5 3 min recovery. sled running with 22lbs 20 meters x 5.
        Day – Rest.
        Day 3 – Sprint drills- followed by Heavy gym day. Squatsx5x 3 sets 264lbs , Power Clean x 4x 3 sets 190 lbs, Dead Lift x 4 x3 sets 300 lbs, benchx6 x3 sets 165lbs.
        Day 4 rest.
        Day 5 – Track session- Hurdle mobility drills, acc dev 5 x 30 meters 3 point start. Hand timed at 4.06 secs (first speed day this winter) .
        Day 6 – rest
        Day 7- Gym Circuit day. light weights all body parts . 10 excercices/ 15 reps fast/ 3 full circuits.

        On all training days doing core work and working on flexibility with assisted stretching.
        Comments welcome….

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        noload on #82122

        Long time for a break…
        I think you training should do the trick.

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        griff on #82171

        Long time for a break…
        I think you training should do the trick.

        see my posts in the training logs section

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