Breaking Time Barriers

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  • Mike Young
    Mike Young on #13686

    In a couple hours the clock will strike midnight and we'll enter a New Year.! As with each year, the first day of January marks new ground. A New Year. With this in mind, and given the unbelievable number of amazing performances (especially in the men's sprints) in 2006, what athletes will break time barriers in 2007?  We have lots of candidates:Kerron Clement in the 400m Hurdles…th

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    Daniel Andrews on #71092

    I just don't see the 100m in a championship year.  Too much focus on all around qualities in the elite 100m sprinter.  Maybe Powell can do it, however he said he wants to be able to do the 100/200m double and that would require him working on a lot of technical issues with his 200m start and subsequent effort on the curve. 

    I don't know if MJs 200m mark will even be approached.  I think Gay and Carter would be better bets than Spearmon.

    Liu Xiang probably will better his WR record in the hurdles, but his focus is 2008 Olympics in his home country.

    I think a more probable mark to be broken is the 4x400m w/ Wariner, Rock, Spearmon, Clement, Merrit, Carter, and Brew. 

    Patrick Pyle on #61525

    remember that Mo smoked the record and dragged ato along with him in '99. Mo also went on to double that yr.

    Daniel Andrews on #61526

    Mo also had a working race model of the 200m race before that season.  Powell although still a WC 200m sprinter has some improvements to be made in that race or he may not even be a serious threat for the finals in that event.  I do think he could possibly break his 100m mark, but I think if he's serious about the double.  Learning an effective race model/plan for 200m would be an area of concentration over pure speed/accel development. 

    Mike Young
    Mike Young on #61527

    Las Vegas odds on the most likely ones to go:

    m100 – even
    m200 – 10:1
    mSt –
    110H – 2:1
    m400H – 50:1
    mDT – 5:1
    mHT – 10:1

    wSt – even
    w5K – even
    w10K – 2:1 
    w400H – 4:1
    wHJ – 4:1
    wPV – even 
    wTJ – 4:1
    wHT – 2:1
    wJT – 3:1

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