Brainwashed- How the internet is making Pain Science Voodoo

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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #120377

    I always found good coaches very clear and useful when talking about injuries. A lot of talk recently about pain in the brain, and I love the current, nagging, and disease explanation since it really shows what is going on in a practical matter. Current is obvious, something that just happened recently. Nagging is sill going on even after the healing times are gone and no current indicators beside

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    Participant on #120495

    I think the difficulty with people – including myself – blogging about what they do about it is that no two individuals are alike and therefore no two interventions/programs should be identical. Sure there are themes/principles, which I believe I generally touch upon myself (or at least try to) but once people start blogging about a specific patient, the reader may end up trying the same for another individual that really warrants a different intervention.

    docjohn on #120497

    Thanks for saying what many people in the congested therapeutic realm have been thinking.
    Chronic pain (don’t even like to use the term) is nothing more than therapeutic failure.
    The “therapy” undertaken by athletes and non athletes alike must have both a cognitive and somatic component considered (short of unproven voodoo) otherwise something may be missed. Like a first marriage gone bad…the second one won’t go well until you figure out why you screwed up the first one.

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