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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17999

    If one is going to talk about the Bilateral Deficit, shouldn’t one talk about Bilateral Facilitation? Should we reduce or increase the bilateral deficit? A constant counterpoint of two leg exercises is that we run with one leg at a time, instead of responding with a quip that only creates embarrassment, but body is very dual driven with our nervous system. We breath with both lungs at the same ti

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    Ryan Banta on #112686

    Not to add fuel to the fire but in Strength and Power in Sport the studied the Bilateral deficit and only found it to be a factor at low intensity levels? Correct me if I am wrong or my understanding of the data is wrong. But, if it is true that we only see a Bilateral deficit at low intensity levels I guess the next question would be its usefulness durning maximal efforts in speed and power sports.


    Ryan Banta

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    Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #112689

    Not enough information for me to make a conclusion that is shut completely, but Bilateral facilitation is a good thing as the deficit is not a sign of a good program.

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