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  • Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #17762

    “Remember to keep the posture of the tempo running neat and high. Low hips cause excessive breaking action on the landing phase. Tempo running or long distance biomechancis have landings farther in front of the center of mass then speed biomechancis. Sprint landings tend to be closer to bottom of the center of mass of the body than endurance type runs. (Francis 2002)”Regenerationlab July 10, 200

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    Research evidence suggests that arch height is not related to intrinsic muscle strength. In fact a weakness of the intrinsic muscles in the foot actually leads to a higher arch foot.

    In the ‘intrinsic minus foot’ in those with diabetes and the early CMT feet where the intrinsic muscles atrophy they all develop a high arched foot.

    This comes from one of my good friends who just happens to be one of the top podiatrists in the UK.

    Carl Valle
    Carl Valle on #110015

    Who is this top Podiatrist? What list is this? Where is this Top list that I can see who number 4 is?

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