Are people STILL missing the boat when it comes to training the abdomen?

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        Carson Boddicker on #13311

        Over the past several days, I've had the pleasure of watching the Arizona Cardinal's summer training camp.  I can say for certain that they've got it set up right.  The guys all live together, they eat together, and, of course, they train together.  What an excellent environment for improvement?  Where I feel they are missing the boat comes in the strength training

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        jump-start on #67955

        Ummm ….

        What direction do the fibres of the rectus abdominus run and where are their anchor points?

        I'm not sure I can see how they can be an anti rotator.

      • Carl Valle
        Carl Valle on #66251

        Jump Start made a good point ….the width of the RA and the fact the fibers run vertically hint that anti rotation may not be it's true function. Sometimes it's best to look at what Stu references as he is not the only back expert out there.

      • Mike Young
        Mike Young on #66252

        The RA definitely can act as an anti-rotator but due to its anatomy, its primary function is for trunk flexion. I'm curious to read the source of the quote you listed. Thanks-

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        Carson Boddicker on #66253

        Forgive the delay, as I've been busy with classes and such.  McGill's quote came from one of his seminars, and was then posted by Eric Cressey again on his website.  You can find it here: ( 

        How do you all train the abdomen in athletes?

        Carson Boddicker

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