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  • Vern Gambetta
    Vern Gambetta on #12410

    The swim coaches at Kenyon College first told me about this last. Dr. Joel Stagger at Indiana University actually researched this. He stumbled upon the idea because he is also a swim coach. He was looking for something practical and inexpensive that he could give his swimmers after morning workout to insure they were replenished. He came up with chocolate milk because it has all the correct nutrie

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    Carson Boddicker on #68025

    I have a problem with the 2 hours PWO recommendation.  As the research shows, your body is not going to respond well to that type of beverage without prior and immediate PWO nutritional intervention.

    I also realized how the athletes are almost adamantly opposed to something that will enhance recovery.  I find it almost comical that we aren't as dominant on the track as we once were, likely due to lack of information and general misinformation.  Though it's not likely to be the sole cause of the demise, it certainly plays a role. 

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