American College Football Circa 1965

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      • Vern Gambetta
        Vern Gambetta on #13593

        Over the pastweek I have talked to different people involved in college footballtoday. Some were strength and conditioning coaches and some footballcoaches and some athletic trainers, kind of covering all the bases fromskill, to physical preparation to injuries. After these conversations Icould not but help to look back on my days as a college football playerand contrast it to today. It was certai

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        wisconman on #71105

        My sophomore year of High School during doubles I skipped breakfast, had about ten peanut butter sandwiches and 8 glasses of milk for breakfast, and a frozen pizza and box of rice a roni for dinner just about every day, and I went from  220 to 250 pounds. My gpa also plummeted, 3.2ish to about a 2.4.

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