2014 Oudoor season progression 400m

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        Track Dad on #224341

        This is a series of video’s of my daughter ‘K’s 2014 season, up to now, in the 400m.

        She is age 16, and a Junior in High School

        We have been working on posterior chain strength/imbalance issues as well as the same in the mid-section.

        Her school practice is basically the ‘warm-up’, then 5 to 6 days a week she puts in another 1 to 3 hours each day to complete her training.


        March 15, 2014. First race of the season, 300 meter.  ‘K’ is in Lane #8, blue uniform.

        Her official time 43.09FAT:



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        Track Dad on #224343

        April 12, 2014.  First 400m of the season, and a ‘lesson’ learned… never ‘assume’ that you have won before the race is finished and always run your best race… as ‘K’ had thought she was far enough in the lead to not have to have a strong finish… that is, until she seen the approaching ‘shadow’ as she neared the finish line.
        ‘K’ still finished first, but a good lesson learned.

        ‘K’ is in Lane #6, Red top/blue shorts

        Final time, 59.90 FAT


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        Track Dad on #224345

        April 19, 2014. Second 400m of the season.

        Over 100 High Schools from the Northwest attending, minimum Qualifying Standards for each event and only 1 athlete per school per event allowed… tough competition.

        ‘K’ did very well and finished 6th overall.

        She is in Lane #3, red top/blue shorts.

        Her finish time 59.23 FAT

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        Track Dad on #224346

        April 26, 2014.  Third 400m of the season.

        Another good meet with quality competition.

        ‘K’ is in Lane #6, red top/blue shorts.

        Her finish time is 58.20 FAT

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        Track Dad on #224347

        April 30.  Fourth 400m of the season.
        Due short time between events (10 minutes), sprinting around the field to get/change uniform and a very inappropriate incident on the field, ‘K’ was very upset, could not focus and did not run well.

        Lane #4

        Time, 58.90 FAT




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        Track Dad on #224348

        May 3.   Low 50’s, cold, raining and windy. Got to meet 2 hours before it started… sitting around waiting for the first event.
        Did not do an appropriate warm-up for the conditions.

        First event of the meet and ‘K’s first event, anchoring the 4 x 200m,

        Shortly after getting hand-off, it is apparent ‘K’ is struggling, then about half-way signs of hamstring issues.

        Hamstring strain.  Misses rest of events and next meet.

        blue/white uniform











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        Track Dad on #224350

        May 15.  First time running since hamstring strain on May 3.

        Lane #4

        Her time, 58.14

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        Track Dad on #224351

        May 22.   State Championships qualifying meet, top 2 finishers go to State Championships.

        Slow start, waited for target runner to pass her, then had to speed up and change pace.

        Still ran well.

        Lane #5

        her finish time, 57.70 …. And is going to the State Championships next weekend for the open 400m!


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        Track Dad on #224352

        Hamstring still bothering ‘K’.  Doing lots of massage and EMS.

        Just an addition from Day 2 of the State Championship qualifying meet (Saturday/Yesterday).

        ‘K’ anchored the 4 x 200m, placing 2nd (top 2 go to State) and they also will be going to the State Championships for the 4 x 200m….

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          Derrick Brito on #224362

          Pretty cool to see her doing so well. I see she made a fairly successful attempt at the 300 hurdles as well.

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        Track Dad on #224385

        “Pretty cool to see her doing so well. I see she made a fairly successful attempt at the 300 hurdles as well”

        She ran once, at a JV meet, there was no completion to push her to go faster.  She did it to appease the hurdle coach, as he told her if she ran this once, she wouldn’t have to do it again.

        She said each time she came up to a hurdle she was terrified she was going to trip, hurt and embarrass herself.
        At 5’1″, not the most ‘natural’ event for her.


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        Track Dad on #226066

        Updating the thread…..

        At the State Championships K went flat.

        She ran a 59.37… she was so frustrated and disappointed.

        She said that since the day before, her legs felt heavy, they felt like ‘mush’, that she felt weak and lethargic and had no sense of power.

        I continued her training and the following weekend, she ran at the border duel meet and ran even slower, 60.54, with her 100/200m sprint performance the same.

        I expected a little loss of performance at some time due to the end of the program/ long taper, but not this extreme.

        She complained of headache, nausea, light headedness to the extent of nearly fainting, extreme fatigue, lethargic, huge loss of appetite etc.
        Went to her doctor on June 11 and I asked for blood work.

        Received a call from the lab, they said ‘all’s fine’… well, from past experience, I went and got a copy of the lab work results myself.

        Sure enough, her serum ferritin levels are the lowest I have seen, down to 17.

        In 2011, as an incoming 9th grader, K had the same similar symptoms that she has now, just to not near as extreme as now.
        Took her to the doctor for blood work, and her serum ferritin was down to 21.
        After a few weeks of Proferrin ES iron supplement and daily meals of oysters/chicken & beef liver/spinach etc., she regained her strength and felt much better.

        September of 2012 she had blood work done with her physical just to make sure all was well.  She felt fine at that time, she had a pretty easy summer and did not start cross country until the beginning of September due to other issues, so her serum ferritin level was much higher, at 57, which is probably close to her ‘normal’ level.

        Most all ‘experts’ about serum ferritin levels and athletes say that the minimum for a female athlete is 30, with others saying that it should be much higher.

        K is still training and competing in various meets, as even though she is not as competitive, she loves to run and see all her friends.

        This has really ‘scared’ K, and she is worried that she should move up to the 800m.
        I explain to her that the medical is just temporary and in a couple weeks she will be doing much better… she may not run as well as she would like to this summer, but she will get better.

        K has been persistent about running the 800m, she wants to be able to compete in at least 1 event and she feels that the 800m is ‘easy’ enough that she can compete… so she will be running it a few times this summer, but keeping her sprint training the same.

        We went to a meet last night, where she ran the 100m and 800m.

        In the 100m, her legs felt heavy, she felt weak, lethargic etc. and did not run well, which was expected.

        She did much better in the 800m, she said she ‘jogged’ the first lap, and just ‘jogged faster’ the last lap…that she could have dropped her final time by at least 5 or more seconds…

        In 8th grade she set the school record in the 600m @ 1:37, which is the only time she has ran the 800m and only 3 times at that then…

        She is in lane #3, wearing white top/black shorts:


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        Track Dad on #226149

        Getting lab results slowly from the Dr.
        ‘K’ already diagnosed as iron deficient, received a call from Dr. office that her mononucleosis test is positive and that her antibody count is still very high, meaning it had been a serious infection.

        Told as long as she stays out of heat, lots of rest and does not push herself, still ok to train and do limited events/meets, just be conscious of fatigue and when feeling tired or symptoms stop and rest.
        The symptoms started almost 2 months ago.

        ‘K’ is unable to sprint, as she says she has no power and her legs feel ‘mushy’.  So she is trying the 800m as she says she can just ‘jog’ and it is easy without having to push herself she can still compete.

        Here is a video of her running last night, she is in lane #2, wearing red shorts/white shirt:

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