2008 Olympics: More Random Observations

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  • Mike Young
    Mike Young on #14777

    OK. We’re about half way through the Olympics now and the track portion of the games is well underway. Despite the miserable track coverage, I’ve been enjoying watching as much as I can both on NBC and their online site. Here are some more random observations since my previous post. It was interesting to see the small lighter weights placed outside of the collar in Olympic weightlifting. I can’

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    ELITETRACK Founder

    Josh Hurlebaus on #71552

    Everything I’ve heard about the new swim suits says that they take upwards of 30min to put on, which I can only assume means they are unbelievably tight.

    My fiance is an ex-gymnast and she was absolutely livid about Sacramone getting screwed in vault.

    Chad Williams on #71553

    Gay is a class act. He made no excuses and didn’t blame anybody. It is great for young sprinters to idolize someone like him. Although, I imagine much of the world wants to grow up and win races like Bolt now. He makes me think I can run under 10 after making 9.69 look THAT EASY. And did you see Bolt dancing before he got in the blocks, he was oooooozing confidence. My dad said, “He is about to do something big, he’s not even nervous!”

    Dix is a gamer. Calling silver in the deuce.

    Is it me, or are the sprints being dominated by the youngins this year. I mean, how many Olympic 100m champs have there been with braces?

    Daniel Andrews on #71570

    Is the men’s 4x400m still a lock for the Americans??? I think we will be pushed in the prelims, but still qualify, but it is entirely possible we may not lead after 2 legs in the finals, the GB/NI team looks red hot with 3 possible finals qualifiers.

    RussZHC on #71588

    Re: …More Random Observations.
    Points #3 and #4, about the overall length of the pedals of starting blocks.
    Within the past couple of months I have read about a yet untested theory about what is “best” as far as foot position goes. Generally it is divided into 2 camps, those who think as much of the foot as possible needs to be in contact, hence as the size of athletes has gotten larger over time and assuming the feet are correspondingly a bit bigger as well, the pedals needed to become larger to accommodate so the foot does not “move” backward at all on first impulse.
    The other camp is that is is actually milliseconds quicker in responding if the foot is in such a position that the heel goes back slightly on pressure, the idea being that the arch of the foot is more sensitive and “closes” triggering nerves the same way a spread hand/palm does in relay baton exchanges; so that means those with the smaller feet on larger pedals who either want that feeling as part of routine or who have been taught a certain way need to be further up off the track with their foot placement.

    Could it also have to do with the various angles that are formed when in the “set” position?

    Daniel Andrews on #71610

    Am I crazy or was Stuczynski’s coach not being hard on her and just comforting her distress on only winning the silver medal and not beating her AR and/or Yelena? To me it seemed like he was just debriefing her on why everything occurred. From what he was saying it seems if he was suggesting that she was getting caught in the rounds of attempts of other vaulters throwing off any rhythm she may have had and lost her legs in the process, especially with her miss at 4.75m causing her to have to jump at 4.80m. My guess is he only wanted to pass a height or two somewhere between 4.65-4.80m likely the 4.75m height she missed on. She didn’t need to jump at 4.75m cost her energy by having to jump 2x more than she needed to. I think this is why his tone was harsh, because she didn’t do something he said she should do, she got caught up in jumping against the other jumpers and not on the goal.

    It also looked like she was getting too far underneath her pole as well, despite what the Stoner was saying about her form.


    Found this to clarify no need to reply https://sports.espn.go.com/espnmag/story?id=3548240

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