Dan Pfaff highlights High Performance Athletic Development Conference Lineup


It’s that time of year again for the High Performance Athletic Development Conference. This year’s edition has an incredible speaker lineup featuring none other than legendary track & field coach Dan Pfaff. The rest of the lineup are all-stars in their own right though with Travis Triplett (President of the NSCA), Bob Alejo (

The HPAD Conference will take place on May 26th and 27th in Cary, NC at Athletic Lab Sports Performance Training Center.

World Renowned Researchers and Coaches

The conference will have a mixture of applied sports science and practical ‘in-the-trenches’ coaching information from leading practitioners. This years lineup has assisted countless Olympic, professional and collegiate athletes.

The conference will be an unmissable event on the Strength & Conditioning calendar bringing together coaches from the US, UK and Qatar to offer an unparalleled opportunity to learn, share and connect with some of the best practitioners from around the world.

Confirmed speakers for HPAD 2018:

  • Dan Pfaff (bio)
    Director of Education, Head Jump Coach Altis
  • Bob Alejo (bio)
    Director of Sport Science Power Lift
  • Dr. Mike Young (bio)
    Athletic Lab Director of Performance / Proformance Strength & Conditioning
  • Dr. Travis Triplett (bio)
    President National Strength & Conditioning Association / Appalachian State University
  • James Baker (bio)
    Aspire Academy (Qatar) / Proformance Strength & Conditioning  (UK)
  • Greg Gustin, MS (bio)
    Athletic Lab Assistant Director
  • Oliver Trotman  (bio)
    Swansea City FC Academy Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Matt Hunter  (bio)
    Athletic Lab Senior Coach
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Tentative Schedule for HPAD 2018:


  • Catered Continental Breakfast
  • Dan Pfaff – The Art of Coaching Speed
  • Bob Alejo – Is It Time to Dump the Catch with the Power Clean?
  • James Baker – An Inside Look at Aspire’s Athlete Development Framework
  • Matt Hunter [Future Leader Presentation] – Development of Eccentric Capacities
  • Catered Lunch  
  • Dan Pfaff – Strength Training for Sprinters and Hurdlers
  • Dr. Mike Young – Topic & title forthcoming
  • Dr. Travis Triplett – Training Female Athletes: Special Considerations for Optimizing Performance and Avoiding Injury

  • Catered Continental Breakfast
  • Dan Pfaff – Field and Court Injuries, Current Trends, Thoughts and Research
  • Dr. Mike Young – Topic & title forthcoming
  • Greg Gustin – Reactive Strength as a Performance Indicator
  • Catered Lunch
  • Dan Pfaff -Vertical and Horizontal Jumps Planification Concepts, Preseason/In-season Comparisons
  • Oliver Trotman [Future Leader Presentation] – An Insight Into Long-Term Athlete Development At A Premier League Academy
  • Bob Alejo – In-Season Strength Training 
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Mike Young

Mike Young

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Mike Young


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