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high-performance-training-for-sportsI recently received a copy of the book High Performance Training for Sports edited by David Joyce and Daniel Lewindon. I had heard good things about the book from some peers but I must say it’s far exceeded expectations. The book features some of the top names in Sports Performance from around the globe and covers a wide range of topics that are applicable to anyone working in high level athletics. When I say “top names in Sports Performance from around the globe” I’m not throwing that around lightly. The contributors are not the internet gurus, personal trainers, or stuck-in-the-clinic physical therapists. You won’t find any speaking tour lemmings or self-aggrandizing internet humble braggers here….just an incredible mixture of coaches, high performance managers, real-world clinicians and sport scientists from around the world writing about their area of expertise. It’s incredibly refreshing to see true quality rise to the top in this era of self-promotional nonsense. INCREDIBLY refreshing. But don’t take my word for it, here’s an incomplete list of some of the contributors:

  • Mike McGuigan – Professor of Strength & Conditioning
  • David Joyce – Head of Athletic Performance at Western Force (rugby)
  • Daniel Lewindon – England Rugby team
  • Frans Bosch – Co-author of Running and former national team jumps coach
  • Daniel Baker – President of Australian Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Derek Hansen – Head S&C coach at Simon Fraser University
  • David Martin – Sport Physiologist & researcher
  • Darcy Norman – Fitness Coach for German National Soccer Team
  • Joel Jamieson – MMA trainer
  • Darren Burgess – High Performance Manager at Port Adelaide Football Club
  • Greg Haff – Edith Cowan University researcher
This incomplete list highlights the ridiculous experience brought together in this book and hints at the level of information found within. The authors share real world knowledge and techniques they’ve used working with Olympians as well as top athletes and teams from the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA, Tour de France, and English Premier League.
The book features some great chapters on translating strength to speed, maintaining peak conditioning throughout a season, minimizing interference effect of concurrent speed and endurance training and player monitoring. There are special sections labeled as “Wisdom” which provide very concise experienced insight and other sections labeled “Coaches Insight” which provide real-world examples that move well beyond the theoretical information found in most books.
As someone who rarely has the time to read books from cover to cover this is one of the exceptions. I’d highly recommend this book for anyone working with high level athletes or those recovering from injury.

Full Disclosure: the link above is an affiliate link and I was sent a copy of the book by Human Kinetics for review. That said, I am sent many products for free and estimate that I actually endorse less than 1%. I stand by my review 100%.

Mike Young

Mike Young

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Mike has a BS in Exercise Physiology from Ohio University, an MSS in Coaching Science from Ohio University & a PhD in Biomechanics from LSU. Additionally, he has been recognized as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength & Conditioning Association, a Level 3 coach by USA Track & Field, a Level 2 coach by USA Weightlifting.
Mike Young


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Mike Young
Mike Young