Brainwashed- How the internet is making Pain Science Voodoo


I always found good coaches very clear and useful when talking about injuries. A lot of talk recently about pain in the brain, and I love the current, nagging, and disease explanation since it really shows what is going on in a practical matter. Current is obvious, something that just happened recently. Nagging is sill going on even after the healing times are gone and no current indicators besides pain are present. Disease such as something attacking the nervous system is out of our reach and really not a coaching point. I know chronic pain and neuropathic is separate, but anything that happens for an extended period of time should have a chronicity component. Right now the biomechanics and posture people are seen as dogmatic, yet we see PRI balloon sculpture training, core training DVDs, and fascia people scraping with civil war tools but then blog about pain being in your head. I think we need need to be more middle ground and not get to polarizing. It’s great that the people are blogging about what they read as it’s interesting, but it’s time to share what you are doing about it versus why everyone is wrong. With acute rehab being so poorly done, I think chronic pain comes from acute botched therapy and I see it more and more as everyone is enlightened. My take home point is be more middle ground and reasonable, not over think pain.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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