Rotten to the Core?


“Global movements are brain based patterns rather than simple force based bone reactions and this means we probably have a way of self organizing to achieve the task with our individual structure, motor learning and previous movement experiences.”

I happened to stumble onto this as it seems that Biomechanics doesn’t mean anything now. After reading about the clinical testing limitations I am getting annoyed with research taken way out of context. Flexibility matters and yes table tests have limits. You must have a comprehensive solution in screening, not just a few tests. Gait, table, strength, and the sport all must be looked at. I read the study again, and running at 20 kph is slow as snails and doesn’t create the same limitations as full sprinting. The fact that this study was used, as well as the elliptical study with Stu up in Canada has no impact in sports performance. It’s ok to study newton’s laws of gravity and ready Dyson. The brain is part of solution and while it’s the most powerful organ of the body, it still need bones and muscles to move, and the laws of physics. The take away is that flexibility is important and while it doesn’t guarantee anything, it’s about the total package, not just one score. I see a patten here, since people are not able to do the pure and clear with biomechanics, going to the brain is a nice escape from accountability.

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Carl Valle

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