Roland’s Windsprint 2013 Seminar


Just a quick update for those that speak Swedish, Roland’s presentation is available for those interested in the Seminar video. His presentation was excellent and we may translate it for those that are interested. I will be having the videos put on CD or DVD (storage not playing style) to help pay for the conference costs if you don’t have Dropbox or still stuck in the 1990s. After the IAAF season closes this blog will be done until 2014. I may rant as I know I will be baited, but time to focus on track. Finally anyone interested in the Kinetics Manual you have this weekend before the villagers start rioting the castle, but good news the material is outstanding. As a coach who reads the good materials, I say that the wait will be worth it as it is going to include a few olympic coaches and unpublished materials. Thanks for everyone’s patience and enjoy the weekend.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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