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Let’s not overcomplicate things. At the end of the day, its the workouts. When I was forwarded the statement from Richard Husseiny I didn’t know what to do as I am not on twitter. I may as my blog posts are getting shorter, but twitter is something I have a love and hate relationship with and will decide later. My problem with saying it’s not about the exercises is that it’s the opposite. You move and develop based on what you apply. Theories are nice, and I have my own, but when we visit a coach we need to ask is how is this working. I am not shocked Richard was defending Bosch, since AP was hosting the four day workshop, but silly exercises are silly exercises. Another case of being Naked in the Netherlands. I will take exercises for face value, since athletes are falling on their face running up stair boxes in front of my face. Any athlete, including my own, will sometime credit the exercise with the results but without real sound evidence, not just a exercise endorsement, we can’t assume causation.

I like some of the ideas of Frans, but nothing new here. Taking a video of Asafa and saying he is doing positive running is not information I personally find useful. I would rather listen to Tom Tellez talk about running technique since the results are rather consistent and clear. How can we not take any applied option from Bosch, suggested I might ask, not for face value? Application at the end of the day matters. When the 100m starting line is flooded with those that are produced by hamstring chest passes and swiss ball dancing I will convert and even cut the line for the next workshop. I gave an honest effort and spent time and money listening, but again I found nothing concrete. We all want to believe there is more out there and some unexplored areas are likely available. The problem is not much has changed for the last few decades as sprinting is not rocket science and much of the innovation is already done. We will find some new avenues but the evidence is clear that the impact is likely coming from reducing training load and training fresher with a distraction exercise rather that the adaptation that is coming from it. Surely after 2006 we would see some concrete evidence, but so far just a lot of fuzzy motor learning talk.

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