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A lot of blogs have shared an interest in what Frans is lecturing about and of course many inbound emails have been sent to bait me into responding. I was at the USATF Level 3 school when Vern Gambetta was promoting positive running, and in 2007 Frans spoke at the following conference. A lot of his information was nice, but the application, especially in the weight room, created a ten year dark age in my opinion. Nobody, and I repeat nobody, has ever successfully explained how running up the stairs with water jugs or doing lying hamstring heel chops transfers. It was nice of him to share world class sprinters in slow motion, but why not his army of freaks? What about workouts? Any time something new comes out, remember to double check the following:

Has anyone succeeded without the information?

Is a logical or scientific explanation to the application of the information?

Does it pass “what ya got” test with athletes that are world beaters using such techniques?

After eight years I have seen amazing results in training and competition and have asked about are they using Frans Bosch techniques or methods. Some dabbled with experiments. Some didn’t try anything yet. Some don’t know who Frans is. Most have done what they have always done. My suggestion is buy the book and read it for yourself but I can’t promote any application of the materials. Describing what other athletes are doing is valuable, but sharing how one should train is another story. Let’s start working backwards, who are the constant performers and what are they doing. I am trying to go from average to above average and the easiest thing to do is see why athletes are improving.

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