Windsprint 2013 Seminar on Sale Now!


Just wanted to let everyone on EliteTrack to know that the 2013 Windsprint Seminar videos are available. We have three special videos bundled for 29.99 and they are digital download form. Those that like to make videos viewed on iPads or computer can watch them and they will be thrilled. The availability is going to be slim, since this is a mini sale and they will be distributed at the normal rate of around 40-50 dollars starting September 1. To be clear, the sale is for EliteTrack or Kinetics Manual people first, and the presenters are PJ Vazel, Mladen Jovanivic, and Aki Salo. We are working on getting the Takanori Suyibiashi video as well. You can email me or private massage me (elitetrack or facebook) to get the video and downloads will be up August 31.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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