David Ditched the Dumbbells?


I have been watching David Oliver for a while now and it’s great to see him on the Podium with gold. His expression was so pure with emotions I got a little emotional. The drive we see started with changes in the weight room, or in this case leaving it nearly all together. It was a right move as anyone in track seeing him he looked like he was going to be tackling a NFL running back, not going over 10 hurdles. He got lighter, rested more, and performed marvelously. Some athletes may find that they don’t need to be crushing the iron if their body can express and keep the power they used over the last decade. At 31, the power didn’t leave, and I would argue the power to weight ratio worked to his advantage by trimming some extra bulk. Weights are to help drive speed, but when I see massive youtube channels of weight exercises and so little running or jumping actions I wonder if the barbell people balance out their programs with all of the biomotor abilities. It seems we like to do what we are good at but sometimes it’s the right thing to look at what is not working.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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