The Gears and Apps for a Perfect Run


[This guest blog is written by Allie Cooper. Allie is a tech blogger. Likes to run and is always on the lookout for the latest news in social media, new gadget releases from O2 and chic fashion trends. Follow her on Twitter.]

Apps and smart devices go hand-in-hand and they are the perfect companions while running. In the past couple of years, a lot of new technologies were introduced, making it difficult to choose between them. To help runners out, here are some things that can help them train and improve their stride: Withings Smart Body Analyzer (Withings) With features like automatic wireless syncing, body fat percentage, environmental air quality, and blood pressure, this body scale helps you monitor your health and well-being. It also comes with the Health Mate app, which collects data from the Smart Body Analyzer via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Actually, this is one of the gadgets featured on Verizonwireless’ health and fitness page. Now, if you want to manage your diet, track your weight, and reach your running goals, this is definitely a must-have for you. SmartRunner (APPSfactory GmbH) Map your track; measure your running speed, distance, duration, and even elevation difference with the SmartRunner app. You can also save all your training data on the app’s website and access it anytime you want. Integrate your iPod with this app and control the all the track songs you want to use. Check the Training Diary feature to see how performance has progressed throughout the year. Also, this app features Geotagging and Livetracking which you can try out. You have to try this out and have a fully-customizable GPS sport tracking, absolutely free. Milestone Pod (Milestone Pod) Track the miles covered by your shoes with this device. Connect the Milestone Pod to any computer or tablet and register your health information. Clip the Pod and run for about 100 miles or so. Basically, it works passively by tracking your mileage and progress. This actually helps runners avoid injuries like the Snapping Hip Syndrome, Runners Knee, or the Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Shoes, especially running shoes, should be replaced after 400 to 600 miles, and the Pod will remind you about it. Also, you can input emergency information like allergies, prescription medicines, and other ailments that Emergency Personnel may need to know. By attaching the Pod via USB, a runner’s life can be saved through it. Ghost Race (James Mormando) Best your personal best and push yourself to the limit with Ghost Race. With this app, you can easily set the pace and distance before you make your run. It also lets you trace routes; calculate your speed and calories burned after running your course. Ghost Race also has an option to back-up all your data in the cloud or server. Build a good training routine with this app. Omegawave ECG Sensor Belt (Omegawave) Adjust your running sessions to improve results with this ECG sensor belt. This measures and analyzes cardiac fatigue and stress levels. If you’re too tired to run, it can measure your adaptation reserves to let you rest. Information gathered by the belt is sent to the Omegawave cloud for analysis. Feedback is sent via its mobile app which determines the right amount of training for you. Wearable technologies like these can prevent over training, and help runners with their workout. Charity Miles (Charity Miles Org) Choose your charity and run–that’s how simple this app is. It tracks every mile you’ve walked or ran via GPS. With $0.25 cents for each mile you run, you can help raise awareness for the charity you just chose. Make every mile count, every time you run with Charity Miles. The Stick (Intracell)- Optimize your training and prevent muscle injury with The Stick. Basically, it’s designed to stimulate deep tissue massage to help muscles recover. It also helps avoid serious injuries like the fibromyalgia syndrome and myofascial pain syndrome. What other apps or gadgets do you use when training or running? Share us your thoughts.