Predator – How the the Geeks are taking over Sport


I just sent another pack of research on Thermography to a college as it’s clear that sport science is driven by the military with innovations. I know for a fact some consultants have been using open source drones to spy on injuries as I overhead the discussions at the airport recently. Elite sport is like the military, lots of money and little regulation (think flights to Germany for knee treatments). Then eventually the stuff trickles down to consumer level. Fortunately staying ahead is easy. What’s ahead of the Military. Comic Books. No joke. If you think about science fiction, the creative energies and the forethought is amazing. Ironically this week I am going analog as I love the movie predator. Just mud and fire, man versus alien, and let the best man win. I will be talking more about how sometimes a very direct and purist approach is needed, since we still have teams not doing the basics and hiding from reality with a data wall.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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