Foot Pressure and Placing


I love the old weight training manuals, and Jorge from Ft. Lauderdale sent me this great Chargers manual from the 1960s a few years ago. A lot of torque talk is discussed regarding lifting, but remember at the end of the day, guys are running and cutting, making the screwing the foot to the ground very limited when we really need it. I have seen athletes lift for years and years without screwing the foot, and I don’t see evidence even from olympic weightlifting that it’s going to create more freaks. Perhaps a little micro adjustment on foot placement and how we push down may help, but the body was designed to push down to create forces against gravity. While some will argue about pulling or vectors of the hip, we are not cars or wild four legged animals and are mainly walking brains. Also I try to lift safely for both hip and back, while allowing the knees to stack without strain. Much of the mechanics we see stem from the feet and we talk about joint mobility of the ankle but dorsiflexion is oversimplification. The balance here is to be detailed of trying to do the basics, and I suggest reading Bret’s post on the subject.

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