Anabolic Alternatives Part 2


Understanding fatigue is important to prevent overtraining or being too conservative. Over the last few months I have been using the Check system, and personally validated the hardware. Most companies hate the fact I will open up the system and see the hardware, but it’s important to understand what is being measured and at what sensitivity. I have not told the company until now what I was up to as it was important to me to validate the system. With so many companies providing cloud analytics the first step is to ensure that I understood the science behind it first, and not get caught up with the technology. Technology is a creation of science, and we need to trust technology more but not be captivated by it to the point we forget our human senses. The two photos above are 60 years of technology, but the science hasn’t changed since we are still humans. In this post I will share my experience with the hardware and how cloud options are the future.

I originally downloaded the app on my iPhone, but decided to go Andriod Tablet. While I am a fanboy for Apple, from a hardware cost of a small tablet and the open platform of google’s OS was a perfect choice for any hacker. The goal was to test and see did the system do what it was suppose to and could I get lab quality results from it. After 20 days I was convinced of the following.

I opened up the system to see how the equipment was made. I don’t suggest anyone do this, but anything I recommend I must see as much of the design as possible and know the ingredients before discussing it in detail.The Accelerometer in the thumb was sufficient to get a threshold to see fatigue in the CNS. Any 3D accelerometer can do this from Sparkfun, but the key is the board on the system to know precisely the lag time from muscle stimulation to actual motor response. Also the contraction threshold really reminded me of testing for Tensiomyography, and I like the idea of separating CNS fatigue from HRV. HRV has a lot of feeds into it, but it is a summary of autonomic activity. The real question down the road as we start increasing wearable technologies and more data sets are coming, what is essential. One can see my iGlasses in the photo, equipped with a HD camera and stereo mic. Data is going to be growing, but it’s important we slow down and think what is essential.

Getting a CNS fatigue test passively is interesting, since the jump testing didn’t show the fatigue as much as the median nerve did, as jump tests are part of the motivation problem we face as coaches. Overly motivated athletes will drive themselves into the ground and the lazy will never produce output to get good records.The strips are easy to put on and the device is fast and I can get readings in seconds and that was helpful. I think that any serious athlete will want to know what is going on daily and I suggest looking into the system and experimenting.

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