Single Leg Anti-Hip Extension


Pronounced LL is associated with a pelvic position with the anterior superior iliac spine tilted forward. In contrast, a small LL is associated with a pelvic tilt toward the back. In sprint running, this position is generally advantageous for efficient leg return. We hypothesized a negative correlation between LL and hip flexion power, although our results did not confirm this.

-Dr. Karine Copaver- The Effects of Psoas Major and Lumbar Lordosis on Hip Flexion and Sprint Performance

We have a lot of people still doing Psoas activation exercises and the driving and sitting excuses are frankly nonsense. Weak glutes and psoas strength? The patterns are not as convenient as we think. This makes it it a pain to deal with since individual considerations make programming a chore. On average I have seen that small anterior tilt has had a relationship with acceleration, but the data above suggested not. Why? The study didn’t compare enough variables to prove things either way. I am a neural hip guy and will be unless someone shows me that either option is magic with some serious evidence. When I say Renaldo walk around in the late 1990s as he was representing a few athletes, I was shown by my therapist and mentor he was perfect in his hips.

I am a strong believer that oblique strength can maximize hip position to the limit of lumbar spine architecture. I have witnessed first hand Travis Skaggs over a period of weeks make structural changes in posture to the pelvis. This was not from therapy only but from real core training that demanded the ability to not only change walking posture but hold up against torque of sprinting. After the Gold Medal performance over 10 years ago, I will go to my grave being a believer. Unfortunately the core training I see are air chops, stability push-up, and planks. Helicopters don’t provide enough force but reverse curls are unknown to me as I have yet to do enough experimentation. A good core is obvious, you can see structural changes. The Brain is great, but if software was everything, we couldn’t play Madden 2013 on Atari. Structure and coordination is key. So keep sprinting my friends, the psoas will get stronger without much else besides a few track drills.

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