Fiber Differences in European Football Leagues


If you have the chance to attend a presentation by Jose Fernandez on Team Monitoring, I suggest you take notes in detail. One issue I am seeing with athletes is the loss of power and damaging effects of overtraining chronically. I see this when athletes don’t sprint and lift. When I audit a program, something I know bothers a few people reading this blog, the request knows that I will not pull punches. 24 weeks without lifting weights? Return to play strategies are often the only time an athlete lifts because nobody is paranoid about being fresh. Power tests need to have context (when and what training load) to see if guys are staying powerful or even developing. If a guy is getting less explosive, ask yourself what is he doing to ensure he is hitting workouts that made him get there. So many times we get a near finished product and think don’t hurt ’em and that approach has failed in pro sports for ten years. Minimized risk, not elimination of risk is key. Still, gravity is a constant and we must hit certain outputs to overcome it. Perhaps it’s ok to maintain, but don’t do less.

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Carl Valle

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