Matt Kemp- Kinetic Chain Massacre


I noticed his swing getting cut off, he said. To me the key is, is he top-spinning [the ball]into left-center or is he top-spinning the ball to short? That’s two different things. If he’s top-spinning in left-center and left field, it tells me he’s getting extension to a certain point and he’s cutting off just a little bit.

-Don Mattingly on Matt Kemp (May 24th)

Doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to think that Don may have seen the AC joint problem but didn’t have the knowledge of the medical side to see this risk. Matt Kemp is still injured and is struggling. Did his left shoulder being restricted (watch him accelerate) cause the right hamstring to go earlier? I think so. The faster the athlete the more sensitive they are to asymmetries. I always use the car analogy to prove my point. Driving in the parking lot you may not feel it, but on the autobahn you will know at 160 kph. Baseball needs Tensiomyography and IP class Thermography daily. If I was building a club I would go for depth and rotate guys more, but who knows, talent is rare and predicting and preventing injuries is tough. Baseball is a daily grind, and observing the schedule first hand I realized that the sport is doomed to begin with, but unless things change, we will see the same continue.

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