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I have never met Rob Shugg but he was a good man. He was a professional and the owner of Kinetic Athlete and Gymaware, products that help teams get the winning edge. While the tragedy is still on my mind, I didn’t know what to do. Should I blog about his company or not? Do I give it time? I did an interview last year and hope that the message is clear. We need to do a better job in the weight room with our own loads before going on the field with iPads to monitor what coaches are doing in practice. If technique is sloppy or output is weak, let’s not worry about thresholds and other data junkie metrics. We have athletes in professional soccer skipping weight training. The best thing to do is see output in training, not just what we are doing in practice. Even the best teams who claim so much, find themselves on the injury list with things that are avoidable. Godspeed Rob.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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