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The video still echoes in my head as every time I pick up a medball I can still smell the chlorine and remember Mike Barrowman inspiring me to learn about training. Sacrifice, grit, and consistency goes a long way. His training opened my eyes to what real athletes do, not the garbage we see in fast food fitness facilities. Athletes looked like athletes, not like German Clocks or Robots. We need to be on our feet looking like athletes, not like babies. We need to be standing, not kneeling all the time. Medicine ball is about using forces, not doing core training. Athletic development in the core is a total body experience with emphasis on the core area. Look at the pelvis sprinting, it’s not stiff and locked, it’s a gyroscope of coordinated power that needs and even craves athletic training, not just doing bosu ball training pushups. We need all of the training done, but the final piece is medicine ball training, not just planks. Medicine ball training requires more than a wall, since a wall hides the problems of force and precision. I love medicine ball circuits against the wall, but go outside and watch partnered training. Does it look as good? It should. If not rethink what is acceptable, as precision is part of power.

My only lesson that I can share right now is get everyone outside with a partner and tape what you see. Is this the best we can do? Herniated discs, sports hernias, and oblique tears. I am not sure if it matters what we do with core that much, but many elite athletes are getting hurt, and the programs they are doing are not working. I don’t know what works, but the training can hurt athletes and the results should be seen somewhere in testing. Enjoy the video, at 6:26 celebration of four years of no pain no Spain and sacrifice is there. Thanks Mike.

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Carl Valle

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