Required Reading – The Price of Gold


When I heard Phil Jackson would hand books to the team guys, I felt that it was a good idea to do so only if the book matched up specifically. It’s hard to shop for a book that will engage a player to read it for real. It’s a sign of respect when the athlete reads the book, so I read the books I give out a few times in order to pop quiz them. Books are the oldest mobile technologies in the world. I don’t send electronic copies, I hand over a book, sometimes my own copy. If coaching was just training, we would have no arrests or other challenges, but we train people and not horses. The Price of Gold is a book about one man’s process, Marty Nothstein to be exact. I know the world of cycling has a shadow, but I simply love the fact the fact he was driven to win after loosing. Even if you don’t have the time to read the whole book as everyone is reading and busy, I suggest a passage from after 1996 will get the juices flowing. There will be no photo finishes sends chills up my spine and he understands supercompensation in a elegant way of the the rubber band analogy. No small blocks of training, one giant one for the olympics. Good read and worth the sit.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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