All The Kings Horses- Is it working?


I was talking to a few coaches and one of the underlying points of contention is the focus on the medical side and how the understanding of training may be causing the very problems we see. For example many medical and performance people are working together and that is great, but it’s usually sharing a summary of other people’s work that they are doing currently. Current = Currency, as education is now catering to what is cool, instead of what someone has found to work for ten years. Guess what everyone, I am doing airex pad exercises for stability!- then studies confirm that it may not help everyone and could cause problems to some. The gypsy wagon leaves and moves to the new fad, such as breathing training done by CSCS people instead of referring out to a medical specialist. When someone gets hurt, is anyone going to say things are limited and may not be a holy grail? The Madden Curse is sometimes real, because eventually people get hurt. Now it’s about tweeting analytics of injury prevention, and that is murphy’s law to check the MLB and MLS injury report to see the very athlete that is bragged about has a pull or herniated disc. Don’t forget to buy the core training DVD or attend the Sports Medicine Seminar on HRV! I have, with good intentions, been wrong. I share this with other coaches and especially the interns I sometimes work with.

Trying and Failing is not 100% failure. It’s sharing what worked and did not work and that is information. I know some will point to my position changes, or my posts that may be off, but it’s about what one does that counts, not what I think is right. When the rubber hits the road, often we do what we believe to, not what is studied or planned. That decision, the choice to do something that is real, is the reality and that must be documented for future athletes. I love Henk sharing how in 20 years we are all wrong, but results are timeless. Something worked or something didn’t prevent something from working!

My only thought left is to ask how does one know something is working? Lot’s to think about here. Research. Experience. Critical thinking. Reasoning skills. Record Keeping? When a multimillion dollar athlete gets hurt with a non-contact injury it’s likely that he or she was doing core training or activation exercises but did it fail or is just bad luck every time it doesn’t work?

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Carl Valle

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