Sports Medicine- Broken, Bent, and Behind


“It was pain-free, so he didn’t notice anything was wrong until the x-rays showed it,” King said at PNY Center on Monday afternoon following a six-player pre-draft workout. “For me, I don’t have any concern because he didn’t have any pain that would’ve prevented him from playing.

-Nets General Manager Billy King on Brook Lopez’s Foot

Imagine if management took a car and saw it’s alignment off and the rods were bent. Don’t worry sir, the engine light didn’t turn on yet so we are fine! I think we should have the same thought process we have with high end sports cars as we do athletes. Am I the only one that thinks that the injury is not a freak one? I know I am not Dr. Andrews or Bill Knowles, but I just simply think we can do better with injuries, and after reading about Brook Lopez I felt I should say something and point to better solutions such as the Kinetics Manual as suggested earlier. The fifth metatarsal injury is something that can be predicted with athletes with pressure mapping, like the above image from Noraxon. While Dr. Becker’s research is limited, it confirms a pattern with the findings of Dr. Michael Orendurff, Dr. Eric Eils, and new research perfectly.

Over the last few years, Art Horne has been pushing the envelope with the fusion of sport science, sports training, and sports medicine with the Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group. Unfortunately his workshops are only once a year and it takes years to organized some educators for speaking engagements. We are drilling screws into athletes to keep the going, and will we see that as barbarian in twenty years? Perhaps, but why not now?

So far I read the Medical chapter a few times and feel that the manual is the soul to what is trying to be done now with Northeastern and other organizations. Evidence Based, Data Driven, and fusion between all disciplines. If you are coach or therapist that needs change besides more breathing exercises and My top 5 mobility Drills I strongly suggest the manual. The best way to judge the content is to read his new chapter pages HERE and comment if this is the direction we need. We need improvement, not just change in trends.

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