Tempo Running and Perception


I think tempo running prescription should be rethought after viewing a few pages on it. Two athletes with similar times and abilities may need individualized running volumes, speeds, and sequences. I have seen athletes handle kilometers of running on the grass and are performing well in the 100m a few months later, and some breakdown doing conservative doses that the national federations suggest. After testing HRV daily along with getting velocities of tempo running (with HR data) one can used RPE to see if what is being prescribed is matching perception what one is actually doing. Lactate curves can be 10-20% different with athletes, a huge difference in discomfort, so we need in my opinion to rethink how we do a good job here. I wish it was easy as adding 500-1000 meters a week, or just do a easy/hard set-up. After a few months of the wrong program one can drive an athlete into a hole or find themselves on fumes later in the season. Honestly, tempo to me is not easy even it’s an easy day.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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