Windsprint 2013- Meeting and Seminar!


Many of you emailed me last night regarding the Overtraining CD and it was not an advertisement, just a reminder that even in the internet age information is not always easily available. What is exciting is HÃ¥kan Andersson is having his annual seminar on training, and it should be a good one. I am going to be especially interested to see how much Pfaff or Tellez influence has when Takanori shares his information. Mladen, who is making a name for himself in the data driven world of sports will be sharing his understanding on periodization and his experiences in the US. I am interested to see what PJ Vazel is going to share, since his interviews and contemporary approaches is clearly making an impact on the Kinetics Manual after I read a few pages. The seminar should be filmed and more information will be available later. If you are interested in the seminar and wish to meet up in Finland or Sweden please contact me via private message. A directors cut roundtable will likely be recorded with questions on drug free training.

Takanori Suyibiashi JPN- Japanese sprint training.

Roland Lööv SWE- Reflections regarding his work with junior elite sprinters and hurdlers.

Mladen Jovanović RS- Do you think that periodization is confusing? Mladen will try do straighten out the questions marks!

Aki Salo UK- Optimizing the 4x100m relay. Experiences from two Olympic cycles with the British relay team.

Pierre Jean Vazel FRA- Sprint training a from a historic perspective, current trends and the future.

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