Kinetics Manual- Part 2


About 10 years ago in Sweden, Håkan Andersson was one of the organizers to a private seminar in Stockholm. I was invited of course because it was on overtraining, but could not attend the set of presentations by the top people in the sport. Information from Marco Cardinale, Tapani Keränen, Henk Kraaijenhof, Mehis Viru, Göran Kenttä, and Dave Clark was outstanding, but how many other resources were like this not being shared? I decided to do something this summer, and commissioned the Kinetics Manual so it could create a nice compendium of all the cream from coaches and top therapists. We need more of this in our field as the quality of information is dropping, but after getting a sneak peek it is likely to be one of the best resources I know. I requested a few copies for a few coaching friends, and I suggest getting a copy to see what some great people are doing around the globe.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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