Athlete Electronic Health Records- Garbage Software


Don’t buy any software for medical records unless you want to be unhappy and complain later. Most of the stuff I have seen I want to pull my hair out. Forget about athlete performance data, the medical side is far more antiquated and cumbersome. Everyone claims they have secret software that is cutting edge, but a random visit usually leaves me confirmation that they are not providing anything more than tables and a massive time leaks. If one is investing into new medical software, think about man hours versus software cost and features. Think about medical algorithms versus reporting features. Dashboards are just visualization of problems, not solutions, so be careful about pretty pie charts and logos and custom team colors. If you are interested in what I think are good providers PM me. I don’t work with teams or organizations like some of the consultants do, but I know the consultants who do and what they use.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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