Gronk’s Ghost- Is there more to Rob’s back than meets the eye?


Many blogs are talking about Gronk’s back as something related to his injury from College. Many can blame the weight room for the orginal issue, I disagree after reading and watching some medical professionals share some earlier media. If you look at the video earlier of his playing at Arizona (broken down on a private medical message board) the experts think the issues are stemming from foot and ankle before the weight room incident. After Pollard’s tackle, the ankle sprain was so severe it created permanent damage and now back pain is surfacing. I have no clue what is going on as not all the information is present, but many of the best PTs and Physios are great with understanding foot function and gait. Timelines are the future of medical analysis along with algorithms and decision making trees. If we are going to support once a lifetime talents we need to raise the game with technology and research.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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