Digit Deception- Slight of Hand in Performance


Numbers are not good or evil, they simply are hosts to context. A lot of hype and commercialism now with technology and training with people monitoring and looking at player tracking data. When I was young I got a magic set when I was young and being a product of the 1980s, I thought I was going to be the next David Copperfield. I am a fan of magic still, and love seeing street magic in New York, but it’s not that the hand is quicker than the eye, it’s usually the art of deception is the art of misdirection. Cleaning 120 kilos is good, but if it looks dangerous and your vertical is still sub 30, perhaps the context needs to be reviewed a bit. The reason I am a fan of video analysis, is that we can see the truth behind the numbers. A raw 40 yard dash running 4.4 in the middle of training is far more impressive than the 4.39 that is after weeks of test preparation. A 37 inch vertical in the middle of a football season with huge practice loads is far more impressive than the youtube stars that only do tests as their main sport and pull of a 40 inch vertical with no aerobic conditioning.

I am middle ground with data, I think we need more of the right kinds but I am concerned with the showboating of some scores that are more hype than help. I will go into some of my thoughts more later after finishing off my velocity table and some conversions from Boo’s testing matrix. I think Boo is on to something and really believe that the right balance will be practical and very logical as well.

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