Performance Monitoring: Review and Applications


Landon Evans, who has both an RD and CSCS, shared a blue collar presentation of what he does at the CSCCA yesterday. Landon always keeps me in check to ensure that what I am experimenting is practical and valid. He pushes me in both directions and it’s nice to see a no-nonsense approach to conditioning and training. My favorite slide was the rhythm of testing and how open he was to showing best practices in getting data. The great thing about people that train hard, you can see what is going on with the mind and body with both POMS and physiological monitoring. I think rugby is ahead of soccer right now because too many teams, including some in the MLS, simply have athletes that just practice and not do anything to get them better like speed and strength training. Landon spoke earlier last month on Excel, and people who didn’t take advantage of it will come full circle when what is seemly progressive is now a starting point. Cheers to sport science and professionalism.

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Carl Valle

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