WCT 2013- Newport Rhode Island


A private workshop will be in Rhode Island this June and a few people will be presenting on Tensiomyography and therapy. I have no clue what the case study is because they will be flying an athlete on a private jet when a soft tissue injury is present! No preparation, just live diagnostics and sound team work. What is interesting is the explosions of interest in evidence based medicine in the clinical setting. I am frankly embarrassed at the foam roller research out there and some of the evidence people are blogging about. When you can’t prove something, we start talking about the brain or how millions of people can’t be wrong. We use foam rollers after practice and I think they have value to some muscle groups. What is problematic is that we are starting to see revisionist history of such great technologies such as thermography and medical imaging. A colleague of mine is rumored to be presenting on muscle diagnostics and I will see if I can get notes for readers.

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Carl Valle

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